Rapline Unit Bucket Hats
Rapline Unit Bucket Hats
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Rapline Unit Bucket Hats

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Continuing the rapline bucket hats with unit pins!

-Hard Enamel

-Gold Plating

-Screen printing

-1.5 Inches Tall

-Double Rubber Clutch Backing


~ Please refer to my FAQ for additional information! Pins are subject to grading by their OVERALL appearance. One pin may differ in grade from another kind of pin. Pin grades are as follows:

A Grade/Standard: Best of the batch, almost no flaws, or very minor flaws. Near perfect, only because pins are handmade and this can lead to natural flaws in the pins. Ex: small scratches, minor screen printing error, small speck, etc.*

B Grade: At first glance, the pin may seem almost perfect. Minor, small flaws that can only be noticed if viewed closely/meticulously and do not compromise the overall look of the pins. This can include but is not limited to small spots, scratches, under filled enamel that is only visible at a certain angle, etc.*

C Grade: Noticeable flaws such as scratches, discoloration, clear dips in the coloring (under filled enamel), missing enamel, etc.*

Seconds Grade or Junk Grade: More noticeable flaws that can be seen even at first glance. This can include, but is not limited to scratches on the plating, discoloration, chips or missing pieces in the enamel, misplaced enamel color, etc.*

*Subject to shop owner's discretion.



♡ Please refer to our FAQ for additional information on shop policies!

Lupico is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. When we ship an order, it is out of our hands, anything that happens during transit is not Lupico's responsibility as we have no control. No returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations (preoders can be cancelled within 24 hours). All sales are final unless a mistake was made on our part, i.e. sent wrong item, wrong grade, etc.

Thank you for the support! ♡

With Love,

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!

The quality of this pin is amazing! I loved how detailed it is..
Got it just in time for Yoongi’s concert in LA 🖤

Yesenia Ventura
Love this Collection!

I had the other bucket hats and had to get my hand on this one !! Absolutely love it, great quality pins !

Jana L.
Great Quality Pin and Packaging

Although I ordered the B grade pins (A grades were sold out at my time of purchase) flaws are quite unnoticeable unless you look super duper close and at an angle. For example, there are streaks on the Agust D pin, and a tiny dent is seen on the LE Hope world pin. I love the general pin designs of the bucket hats (colours are vibrant, and enamel fillings aren't messy); it's one of my favourite concepts. My favourite is the LE Hope World pin -- it's beautifully designed! I also liked how the rubber pin backs are colour coordinated with the pins -- a nice touch to the packaging. How the bucket hat pins are made also feels durable and of high quality. Each pin is covered in some fibre sheet/pouch during shipment, which is also a nice touch to prevent scratching. I like how there is thought put in the packaging (ex. the holographic mail envelope was definitely a nice surprise when I took it out of my mailbox lol), and the sticker freebie is appreciated. I'm super satisfied with the purchase! I'm looking forward to more bucket hat concepts from Lupico shop :)


Love this pin so much!! I am such a rapline enthusiast and this is wonderful.

Rachel R
Ddange bucket hat pin

Love the song and the pin represents it perfectly. I need to get the rest of the rap line pins.