SG 2021 JK
SG 2021 JK
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, SG 2021 JK
  • Загрузить изображение в средство просмотра галереи, SG 2021 JK

SG 2021 JK

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2.5 IN Tall

Silver Plating

Screen Print

Hard Enamel

Pins are subject to grading by their overall appearance. One pin may differ in grade from another kind of pin. Pin grades are as follows:

A Grade/Standard: Best of the batch, almost no flaws, or very minor flaws. Near perfect, only because pins are handmade and this can lead to natural flaws in the pins. Ex: small scratches, minor screen printing error, small speck, etc.*

B Grade: At first glance, the pin may seem almost perfect. Minor, small flaws that can only be noticed if viewed closely/meticulously and do not compromise the overall look of the pins. This can include but is not limited to small spots, scratches, under filled enamel that is only visible at a certain angle, etc.*

C Grade: Noticeable flaws such as scratches, discoloration, clear dips in the coloring (under filled enamel), missing enamel, etc.*

Seconds Grade or Junk Grade: More noticeable flaws that can be seen even at first glance. This can include, but is not limited to scratches on the plating, discoloration, chips or missing pieces in the enamel, misplaced enamel color, etc.* *Subject to shop owner's discretion. 

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