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Where do you ship?


♡We ship worldwide from the US! For EU buyers, please be aware that because of the new laws, a tax may be charged for your order upon arriving to your country starting July 1st, 2021. All import VAT, taxes, and fees are the buyer’s responsibility. Keep in mind that customs, import taxes, and anything of that nature are always of the buyer's responsibility. 


How long does shipping take? How long does it take to pack and send orders?


♡Domestic shipping within the US depends on the shipping service but usually can take approximately 3-5 days, holidays and busy times throughout the year may cause a delay. International shipping can take from 2-8 weeks depending on where you live! COVID-19 has affected these shipping estimates. Packages may take longer, especially for international orders.

For the processing time, it depends on amount of orders we receive. More orders= longer processing times. Generally we need 3-14 days for shipping larger amounts of orders. Our team at Lupico asks for your patience when it comes to receiving your order.


How much is shipping?


♡Shipping is now auto-calculated based on weight and location! Depending on the products you are purchasing and your location, pricing will vary for each order. 


I ordered something a few weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived!


♡Before sending an inquiry, please make sure that you didn't order a preorder item. Preorders can take anywhere from a couple weeks to months to manufacture! Please be patient. :) If your order was an instock, then the delay is most likely to do with a problem in the postal system! Give it some time and hopefully your package will arrive. COVID-19 has caused some delays that may seem unreasonable, but are becoming more and more common. If it does not arrive after a few months, then come into contact with us.


How do you grade your pins?

♡ Pins are subject to grading by their overall appearance. One pin may differ in grade from another kind of pin. 

Pin grades are as follows:

  • A Grade/Standard: Best of the batch, almost no flaws, or very minor flaws. Near perfect, only because pins are handmade and this can lead to natural flaws in the pins. Ex: small scratches, minor screen printing flaw that is not discernible unless compared to other pins, etc.*
  • B Grade: At first glance, the pin may seem almost perfect. Minor, small flaws that can only be noticed if viewed closely/meticulously. This can include but is not limited to small spots, scratches, under filled enamel that is only visible at a certain angle, etc.*
  • C Grade: Noticeable flaws such as scratches, discoloration, clear dips in the coloring (under filled enamel), etc.*
  • Seconds Grade or Junk Grade: More noticeable flaws that can be seen even at first glance. This can include, but is not limited to scratches on the plating, discoloration, chips or missing pieces in the enamel, misplaced enamel color, etc.*

*Subject to shop owner's discretion.


What is the difference between a preorder and an instock?

A preorder is an item that is not yet in production. You are essentially buying a "slot" for the item. Preorders can range from 1-5 months for production time. This is excluding the shipping time from our manufacturers to us. which can take up to 2-3 months. This time frame is subject to change if there are significant delays in production or in the shipping from our manufacturers to us. Updates for preorders are always posted on our story and saved in our Instagram highlights labeled "____ updates". 

An instock item is an item that is on hand. Because instocks items are readily available, they can be shipped much quicker than preorders. Shipping depends on processing time which is detailed in a question below. Instock prices are usually slightly higher than preorder prices. This is to encourage preorder purchases. 

Instock items are sold whenever we have a shop update. Announcements for shop updates can be found on our Instagram page.


I don't want my preorder anymore. Can I cancel it?


♡ You can cancel preorders up to 24 hours after you place your order. After that, preorders cannot be refunded. In every preorder product description, there is a disclaimer. As the buyer it is your responsibility to read this description to its entirety. Preorders are meant to fund the item so it can be put into production!


I made multiple orders, can I combine them?

 We do not currently combine orders.


How do you ship orders that have a preorder item?

♡If you ordered a preorder item, you will be receiving your entire order together. 


Can I make a return?

♡All sales are final. The only instance in which a return can be made, is if you were sent the wrong item, the wrong grade, or a mistake was made on our part.

Order mistake? 

Contact our customer service team ASAP at lupico.shop@gmail.com and we will help resolve the issue for you! 


Shipping Policies:


♡Once packages are shipped, they are out of our hands and Lupico is not responsible for them. Any mishandling done on the part of the mail carrier has to be taken up with them as there is little we can do. We will do what we can in the event of an issue, however, we are limited in how we can help. Please understand that we have no control on what happens to orders after they leave our hands. 

My question/s was/were not on this FAQ…

♡Contact us at lupico.shop@gmail.com and we will help resolve the issue as best as we can.

Thank you as always for the support!

𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ 𖥻 ִ ۫ ּ Karinna and Lupico Team 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ 𖥻 ִ ۫ ּ